Their contact email is (function(){var ml="icue4g0.lwrodhasm%k",mi="<;25A46?3>=;:?3? Torbay Leisure Centre at Goodrington has a wide range of leisure facilities and activities that are suitable for everybody, whatever your age or ability. Our fantastic 33m swimming pool plays host to our award-winning swimming lesson programme, as well as a variety of swimming sessions designed to suit swimmers of all ages and abilities. In addition it is appreciated that there are other swimming pools within Torbay, including; hotels, holiday parks, Splash Down water park, which all … Our leisure centre is now open. Wednesday 7th October 2020, we are asking for you all to enter the building via the main entrance rather than the fire exit. Swimming. However the pool is available for swimming lessons. We have yet to be formally advised from Lex Leisure that the pool will be closing but we are assuming that this is the case. All children at Preston receive regular lessons in the school's outdoor heated swimming pool. We have a superb 18 metre heated indoor pool, kept at a constant 30°C. We also host galas, women-only swimming sessions, Wet ‘n’ Wild fun swim sessions, family friendly swim sessions and award-winning swimming lessons. The Pool had cost less than £25,000. I spoke to the team at Devon Hills about some positive steps forward, and received some great advice not only on my exercise routine, but also on diet. return to pool documents below, please return to (function(){var ml="c4egnpom.iws0at%l",mi="5=93>464;:97>2=7?1<37=9@8067",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j(function(){var ml="m4kr.iscgdl%ehuaow0",mi="9@>8;1B62",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j