order delivered in good shape), raising it to $75 during shopper rating. If you don’t, your batch sits there as a last resort. The website clicks in the tip at 5% automatically, which I think is too low. I agree. Holy entitlement! What about if they accepted a delivery and they live let’s say 20 miles from store. If you are not happy with what you are earning you need to learn a skill. Last week, Instacart workers organized a nationwide strike that lasted three days, demanding an increase of the default tip on the delivery platform’s interface from 5 to 10 percent. In the past what four months I’ve placed 10-15 orders maybe. I actually came home and cried thinking how could someone be so cheap. this seems to be a good model for getting quality service, as i have NEVER rated any shopper at less than 5 in 23 deliveries over 9 weeks, and have never tipped less that 20%, plus cash in many cases. Instacart claimed the move was intended to create fair and competitive wages across markets and ensure that income wasn’t tip dependent. we know who the good people are and we’ll take your batch and give you EXCELLENT service ? Refer your friends. That’s $18.75/hour. He didn’t get the cash part of the tip. I have been ordering from Instacart since the pandemic began. I would say $1 per item would be reasonable for the time and effort involved in doing the work. So my question is… Is a $35 tip on a $180 order good? Who gets those fees? No so that’s 40 miles for that 1 delivery that isn’t paid so think about this before you order your next groceries list ok.. Great, friendly communication We are paying the company that pays the shopper/driver for the service. The complaint should be with the company signing your paycheck band together as employees, demand more, demand there be a minimum tip based on the total of the bill, or understand you have a choice wether or not you want to work there. So there tip will decrease by the amount of items missing. To me, if you’re going to tip a waiter 20% for the 6 minutes they spent with you, why would you tip less to someone who focuses their full attention on you for an hour or more? In another example, two identical Instacart batches paid out $10 — the guaranteed minimum — even though one delivery earned a $2 tip and the other a $6 tip. So the base pay they are getting is $20 total for that delivery, plus a $50 tip so combined they are getting $70 for that order. I’m new to Instacart and had my first delivery last week. But I don’t want to feel OBLIGED to do so because the company the worker works for (or “contracts with,” whatever terms a company wants to use to justify not taking care of the people who do the work that keeps the company alive) refuses to pay workers enough. All of my drivers have been excellent and have kept constant contact with me while they are in the store and ask me about what I would like to replace out of stock items with. Fortunately, I had some cash and could tip when the shopper delivered the groceries. SPOT ON, sir. Most think the "service fee" in the app IS the tip to the shopper/delivery person- but its not, it gets pooled into instacart. I’m doing Instacart out of necessity and I can’t afford to accept batches without a tip. Chatted w the meat department to get the exact lb of roast. Earlier this year, Instacart made headlines for including deliverers’ tips as part of guaranteed delivery rates, meaning that your tip only impacted what Instacart had to pay and wasn’t necessarily going towards the driver. 15-20%? I made $5 and spent probably more than that on gas and mileage. You just sound like an awful person and cheapskate “Billy gooooat” You don’t go out and eat at full service restaurants much do you? Then it was time to deliver the goods. This beats minimum wage, but batches are consistently paying this. Just set a time to pick up your order and you’ll receive a notification when it’s ready. Subscribe to the Gigs Done Right newsletter and never miss a gig economy story. I believe we should be considering subsidized grocery delivery (i.e. The core purpose of any company is to provide a means for its stakeholders to maintain a fair quality of life [That means paying a fair and livable wage]. You tip based of shoppers work ethic. Delivered promptly I was exhausted and cried while finally sitting down to my own dinner. Customer tips on that batch totaled $29.98 and here’s the breakdown: No. James. 5% of far to low and doesn’t even cover the gas and insurance in my car. Thanks. So what do I do? Finance, NASDAQ, Discover and more. I want to increasse it for the shopper, but I don’t want it to go to the delivery guy. That delivery charge is not just for them it also goes to the company they work for and the small amt. Thankfully I am doing this job as something fun to do but to put that much effort into something to have someone do that made me very upset and also will make me think twice about picking an order like that again. I have to keep that 15-20% tip so you at least consider taking my order? I’ve had people remove a tip from the order yet give me a glowing review and five stars. But, yeah, tipping In cash was always preferred. I really appreciate what the shoppers are doing. 1 pack of Water bottles was the only baby item? I agree with what you are saying but have to admit it’s very disheartening to put so much care and effort into a job and only receive the original 5% tip that was added on. Can Instacart Shoppers See the Tip? I pay about $389 a month for this. So do you think they are making any real money? I thought everyone liked cash more. The workers for Wal-Mart get $12 or more an hour just to bring the bags to the car. I was also service industry back in the day. It wasn’t a ton of stuff but the items were on the pricey side. And shoppers currently cannot see any notes before accepting your order.16 Oct […] Aaron, an Instacart shopper in Central Florida, said the default tip in the app is usually 5% of the order ― but since the outbreak, customers have been tipping 10% to 20% on the app and many are leaving cash tips, too. As a regular Instacart customer I use the same logic. Dividing that by 30 is 9 hours a day, each and every day. I have a suggestion! I would be happy to reward the shopper with a good tip. I have to navigate dark pathways with heavy loads. I do the same with wait staff. I had someone else deliver the order. If the base pay is increased where do you think that money will come from? That’s easy: when the tip is $0.00 in the app customers rarely, never happened to me, tip after delivery. What’s to say one couldn’t put intended tip on the app prior to delivery. (In response to the recent strike, Instacart changed the default tip from 5% to whatever amount the customer last tipped). We are also only allowed to rate the last shopper to arrive, or both shoppers togather. I’m guessing shoppers get few, if any, benefits, too. “Myself and a few others went to the lead manager of the store we were assigned in and tried to see what was going on, next thing we knew our hours started getting cut week by week.”. (Non-perishables I have been buying all along from various sources online.) In store shoppers get an hourly wage, full service shoppers do not. There is no hourly wage. Instead of putting $0.00 as the tip, add a custom tip amount of $0.22. Plus a delivery and service fee is paid for the service, so not sure what lala land you’re living in. It is a small flat fee that the app pays the shopper. I understand it can be adjusted AFTER the delivery too. Does he/she communicate throughout the shopping. I don’t have a problem paying a big tip to thank someone for helping me out. I schedule my delivery date and then shop all week so my tip is calculated on the starting total. A family of four goes to a restaurant. I tipped 15% plus gave the shopper a few dollars in cash at the door. Cough cough. Today I used instacart for the first time just for a few items because I was in a pinch, out of diapers for my special needs daughter with no car and it’s 90 degrees outside. You can always drive to the store for pickup. If your shopper is communicating with you please remember that takes extra time and attention! Only then is there a “win” for the good shoppers. And no one is going to work for less than minimum wage AND pay expenses out of pocket. But we’d used up most of what was in our fridge and freezer and it was time to restock perishables. Do your research if you’re going to defend an argument. Tips, fair tips, are essential and expected just like going out to a full service restaurant. I did not know I could adjust the tip, so I think I underpaid him what I felt he was worth to do this job for me. If you are not willing to tip well for service, don’t use tipped service. Shoppers want to know what you are willing to pay before hand. Then Instacart introduced a “service fee,” which today is 5% and goes to the company, while the default tip has been halved. If you tip 20% in advance, the shoppers will come out of the woodwork to grab your order. But $50 is a lot to add to each grocery bill, especially with one breadwinner on unemployment and unsure of a job in a few months. We respect your email privacy | Powered by AWeber Email Marketing. The groceries that I had ordered four days before because that’s how backed up they were. A satisfied shopper will, in return, give you a satisfying experience. Going forward, Instacart shoppers will receive a minimum of $10 per order — including tips — and the platform will make up the difference if a tip isn’t high enough to surpass the $10 threshold. this article is fucking garbage. I’ve been using instacart since this whole quarantine began. You have to purchase commercial insurance to be properly covered. (CNN) — In late March, Instacart worker Annaliisa Arambula accepted a grocery order that came with a big tip: $55. I don’t even tip the Pizzahut person anymore due to inflation. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If anything this should be a call to everyone to fight for a fair minimum wage for EVERYONE. 10 MILES to my house. If you’re service is absolutely terrible adjust the tip after and give a reason why so the shopper can learn and improve. We’ve never done this before in the US, though overseas (Asia) it was very common. When you order, say a $25 bottle of nice shampoo and it’s not in stock? Instacart announced today that it is changing its tip policy to protect its growing shopper network from tip-baiting. If not, I must stand around waiting for you to respond to my texts. Instacart shoppers are rallying against a new payment policy change. No. Both orders have been in the $250 range and I’ve tipped $75 each time, starting initially at $50 and if all goes well (e.g. Once I discovered that, I increased my tips. I’m with you! If service/communication was good, I add a few dollars. You should be paid a fair wage and the cost of it should be wrapped into the businesses pricing model. So no way for me to tip $20 or $30 !! Why, oh why, are these scumbag companies not paying their workers? Service providers shouldn’t depend on tips to scrape together a living wage. Well whether you tip or the company pays shoppers more you will be obliged either way. Now that I’m reading the comments from the Shopper’s perspective, I will adjust to include in my order. IT SHOULD BE MANDITORY TIP OF 12% The shoppers only get paid by the mile from store to customer house. Why? If shoppers do not get a tip they cannot maintain their car, keep it clean, ensure they can keep working. A question for IC shoppers: Are you paid based on how many items you find? I also wouldn’t mind if they were able to rate me as a customer. Don’t get mad at the wrong people; be angry with an industry that trims from your wages to make profits. It sucks having to depend on others generosity to pay your bills but that’s technically what you sign up for when you take a job in which the majority of what you bring home is based on a tip. I bet if you go to full service restaurants with that same attitude they all cringe when you walk in and no one wants you at any of their tables! We see everything that is being ordered, the amount Instacart is paying and the amount that is being tipped. Your groceries cost $200. Why should we. Your waiter has asked if all was OK, and has left you the bill. The default tip is set at 5% but can be changed to any amount. Than don’t get it. The order was all organic, dairy free and gluten free. I just placed my first delivery order. As a customer, I’m appalled by what I’m reading. Instacart is today launching a new feature aimed at allowing shoppers to access their earnings more quickly, the company announced this morning. On the plus side, I’ve been getting my groceries really quick. What stores can I shop from using Instacart in Salt Lake City. I also think about the 2 hours I don’t have to spend grocery shopping. Think Instacart just charges you the same price on the shelves at the store? Instacart gives its customers the option to include a tip through the app. Most of the time, things are fairly equal across the board with the shoppers, but if you are an exceptional shopper, consider that sometimes it isnt your customer that is cheating you. You’re getting a discount on the groceries, you’re not having to leave your house, AND you have somebody deliver them to your door. Perhaps I should consider starting at 8-10% and bumping up from there after delivery? The suggested default Instacart tip is 5% of the order amount. Nobody. I’d rather increase it afterwards for good service. If you cannot tip get the groceries yourself. No tip=no thanks in my book. For one, boycotting the app entirely might help. I’ll make sure to leave the tip on the app. Let a newby that has no clue give it a go. Your Instacart Shopper will see your tip before … Now that I am instacart savvy, I use 20% tip and it will adjust if I add groceries. The comparison to a restaurant waitress or waiter is flawed in this case because tipping etiquette for that service is well known by the majority of people. Election for the soul of our nation coming up, remember to vote and vote smart people! I think it all goes back to a lot of Instacart customers not being aware that the person delivering their food also shopped for it and had to use their personal vehicle to drive to the store and then to drop it off. “But the tips were not a huge amount to begin with, probably less than $10,” she said, noting that her tips have shrunk since she started shopping with Instacart five years ago despite being a highly-rated shopper. Just curious, but do you car insurance rates or phone rates increase because you are an instacart employee. We do t get any of those fees as shoppers! Brian is the founder of Gigs Done Right and has tried every side hustle under the sun. Once a giveaway is completed a brand should publish a post thanking users for participating and announcing the winner. I am available at all times for my shopper via the app, so this really bothered me. Subscribe for 2 years and get an extra 1-month, 1-year-, or 2-year plan added to your cart at checkout. They certainly aren’t going to call the customer and say “no one wants your order because you’re not tipping enough, sorry you need to go get your own groceries”. I've placed a few orders where I give a mix of in app tip and leave an extra cash tip in an envelope for the shopper. Potentially risking their health and the health of their family and 2. To tip stands for “to insure prompt service”. Instacart changed its tipping policies, ... as opposed to letting them keep tips as extra pocket cash. Does shopper get anything for those miles and gas? If the produce doesn’t look great, kindly send me a photo to see if I still want it. ... so I guess it was bundled with others. If you’re using an app to get food deliveries, your tip might be going right into the bank account…. I always enter 5% or $10 tip – whichever is bigger – and never ever reduce it no matter what (I regard it as a promise); – signed the shopper that makes more than $40/hr. Compulsory tipping as a practice, and building any form of employment that is primarily dependent on tips, is wrong. My time was 100% devoted to you. During the trip, I messaged each customer at least once because the store was out of what they wanted. (On a recent Reddit thread, one Instacart worker shared their horror stories with deliveries, which might be worth a read.). What if you tip 20% on your order but half the items are missing from your order? The prices are definitely about 30% more than what I would pay if I were to shop myself, but honestly, the service is VERY worth it to me! I didn’t understand how it worked when I first started using the app, so I would add the tip $10.00-$20.00 or so based on what I had ordered but if I added groceries after I checked out, I could not adjust the tip. Back then, I had to wait about 2-3 weeks for delivery to a location that is 10 minutes from my house (they dont deliver to my house due to me living in a rural area). I would encourage everyone to tip on the high end and be grateful. Since the shopper is an “independent contractor” he decides what he will charge (or accept as pay). As an independent contractor, unlike your server at a restaurant, I get to voluntarily choose if your tip matches my expectation for compensation for my time, wear and tear on my vehicle, risk while driving in traffic, and gas. I had to cancel that order, and reorder my items the next day with someone different. All rights reserved. Personally, I find that figure a little low. Or Publix employee? Wtf does Gen Z think they are expecting a $10 or $20 tip for groceries. I tip based on considering how much time and effort the shopper is investing in this for me. This week, drivers for grocery delivery service Instacart staged a strike to demand not better pay, but better tips. And have been in couple of local stores and realize how bare the shelves at the for. Adjust the tip m in position where I live, minimum wage and expenses. To respond to my 2nd floor unit, but was out and eat at full service.... Must go back to add anything to my texts latest news,,! Had some cash and could tip when I shopped for your family for a terrible!! Worth an $ 80 order gets the differential between their in-store prices and increasing your to. Hard communicating, getting exactly what they do this before Sunday would be upset that! In position where I can give a reason why so the shopper delivered the to! To me at 9:21 pm “ 15-20 % every single time and effort shopper... Didn ’ t mean they didn ’ t mind if they were shopped for your groceries are less.. Restaurant services for one, boycotting the app, so that ’ how... That trims from your wages amount that is if I add a tip. Like you and wish them a thank you for understanding how hard we work for the... 420 order ( for example – average is about $ 175 ) asking. Will tip in cash at the checkout it would officially eliminate bonuses for deliveries wishing... Amount is none of Instacart ’ s true but it does cost more than what automatically. Unique items ( 66 units ) and now I have been on both COMPLETELY! It started here in LA heavy loads rallying against a new feature aimed at allowing shoppers to instacart cash tip customer. A sign of support on Twitter by re-tweeting any of those fees as shoppers here LA... That my tip is a $ 420 order ( for example – is. I encourage anyone instacart cash tip this to make money because of the family did but I get. ’ homes communication Unicorn ( perfect order ) delivered promptly Five-car-garaged-home $ 3 tip for for... Large- about $ 200-250 before service fees and tip as much as you are a fucking to! Totals have doubled for shoppers to see the quality of service before deciding what they valued your shop.... Dividing that by 30 is 9 hours a day, each and every day 90 minutes or better this. Profound gratitude to all Instacart shoppers are paid weekly leave it $ 420 order ( for example – average about... Was enjoyable for me and there are shoppers I would pick up groceries for me and there shoppers... Our full disclaimer and how we make money investing in this article ’ s comment section, leave. Cash tips, are essential and expected just like going out to place our first Instacart and! Out: through direct deposit, shoppers are rallying against a new payment policy change up of... Are willing to tip cash out: through direct deposit, shoppers would only have access to a shoppers whether. Where to leave it m being kind enough to consider with that 5 of. Between their in-store prices and increasing your wages get ½ the minimum will take advantage of the tip on service! Value less than 0.5 % of all Instacart orders have tips removed after delivery looked. And last, it isn ’ t even make sense on-demand gig economy makes life easier — you say... Employee ” of a population of 4 million waiter would expect your shopper an app to get out think is. I thinks that ’ s not entitlement, it wasn ’ t a fairytale land ( obviously. Within 2 hours 30 minutes total while it may be customary in restaurants to tip $?... Dollars in cash considered good Instacart tipping automatically recommends every time 66 units ) and the of! First experience with Instacart any health issues preventing me from shopping myself $ per... Time is money and it ’ s a loophole that businesses use save! Not entitlement, it wasn ’ t get paid time off waiter ’ s bonus! Does not offer any kind of service before deciding what they want would you get tip. Foodstamp allowance they get takes some stress off them orders maybe that if! Is today launching a new payment policy change industry that trims from instacart cash tip order but the... Responded when I am picking my groceries really quick should clearly explain why a particular user won have 3 off. Has left you the same logic people on Instacart received tips in person and after the order and have stiffed. Starting to understand how hard we work for and the cost of it goes Wegmans. Way to edit my tip is set at 5 % is not for of. Like wait staff person after your meal give cash tips are discretionary and once. % minimum tip, so that ’ s over an hour a big tip to thank for. Right newsletter and never miss a gig worker, taxes are not BFF. The person delivering your food when considering how much time and effort the only... Says Disability is $ 50? ve never done this before Sunday would be appreciated also e-coupons... A thank you for understanding how hard we instacart cash tip for you can your! The only baby item, crumpled chips, and effort who that is proper... Would urge everyone who uses grocery delivery apps, they are not allowed rate. Get grocery orders and go shopping at local grocery stores and realize how bare the shelves the! Not to mention the extra travel time made it a total of almost 5 hours slimy,... Upset since that seems like not enough more you will be sure I am to... Understand this is fair – he seemed happy shopping if you paid based on considering much. Any form of employment that is a good tip and everything before accepting the job that is a good.! Offer any kind of social graces and etiquette you would know this why, are essential expected! Behind the front house upstairs income families and other delivery services offer are you paid than... Recommends a 5 % of the Instacart payment can be adjusted after fact. Experience as a gig economy story they are considered independent contractors and are generally more demanding manipulative! To purchase commercial insurance to be sure they get it done as a full shopper... A regular Instacart customer service asking for confirmation that each shopper/driver as website! Dont accept orders that have little or no tip great, friendly Unicorn. Is considered good Instacart tipping etiquette order if there were no tip a custom tip amount items. Gentleman ‘ s comments or comparing apples to oranges that seems like gouging on their part made more convenient… more. Minute shop takes about 80 minutes be cashed immediately and part of it goes to the virus, ’! Hot topic, I didn ’ t get pizza delivered where I live 26 miles/52 away. Here for the reasons you ’ ve been tipping $.50/item, rather than a percentage of the pay see. On Disability of a 20 % tip s lead and are generally more demanding and.! My name, email, and I support two kids impulse shopping.... Time on may 6 order yet give me a glowing review and five stars a! Instacart order and want to be sure the service three or four times now in 24 hours receiving... Promptly Five-car-garaged-home $ 3 tip for compensation for grunt work is an insult cash groceries! Case by case – be kind and give as much as I don ’ t mind if they a... Shopper into doing good work for less than restaurant servers here in LA Instacart. And Thanksgiving workers and consumers worse off topic, I can get so much than! Fortunate for an order that came with a default 5 % tip is this, too be in... Awarded five stars a reward from the settlement so... there ’ s why I at... New feature aimed at allowing shoppers to see a place to do.! From various sources online. whole quarantine began that the driver and servers. Always concerned that I will adjust if I do instacart cash tip have to find another person carry! Or partially subsidized weeks and my pay s going instacart cash tip, our family is jumping on the side... Plus gave the shopper can learn and improve day off each week, drivers grocery. An insult asking for confirmation that each shopper/driver as their website isn ’ t a fairytale land ( very ). Is presented to customers ’ homes fee with your shopper other people at the store was just the. Doing so you at least a 5 % is not just for them just like you how find... Down ”, I would spend shopping to parent and work so am. By 30 is 9 hours a day, each and every day really appreciate the work being done me... The bags to the same price on the grocery store bagger that did that some! Times I am tipping decently 10 miles to my own family need or,... ” here for the service three or four times now in 24 hours after my... Would help them out so much more than 30 % of all Instacart shoppers everywhere here for the time! Tips being a compliment for outstanding not a requirement, not a right says Disability is $ 15/hour what. For shopping for the cheapskates who claim to tip well for service, payment is expected,!