The gross weight is 3,600 pounds, with a typical useful load of 1,350 to 1,400 pounds. Call, click or visit us today. Piper announced the development of the Matrix in 2007 and deliveries began in 2008. • Standard Useful Load: 1,308 lbs. FIKI, factory air conditioning, O2 system, speed brakes. Service The Piper Matrix presents the perfect step up from any four-place aircraft. Wing Span: 43 ft (13.1 m) Length: 28.9 ft (8.8 m) Height Cutter Piper on Twitter ): 701: Wingspan (ft.): 43 : Overall length: 28 ft. 11 in. 1984 PIPER PA-46-310P Malibu ... - Features that would be useful to you. [Email] [Info], Annie Moreno President, Cutter Piper Sales [Email] [Info], About Us Piper M500 [Email] [Info], Will D. Cutter Piper Flyer Association, Cutter Piper RSS Feed 213 ktas, 1345 nm at long range cruise. ): 47 ... A well-equipped Matrix, N249C offers WAAS GPSs, lightning detection and weather datalink with a 1,300 pound useful load! The Piper Matrix is the best overall performer in the Value Index in the 6 seat sub-segment for its superior speed, range and useful load. For pilots looking for experience in high-altitude, pressurized flying, a Malibu or Mirage is a logical step up. Late December 2008 N registered Piper Malibu Matrix located in Europe for sale, only 750h, propeller 150h SOH 04/2015, both turbo chargers replaced 04/2015 and engine top … Southern California, Arizona, There are two baggage compartments, one in the nose behind the firewall and one in the rear behind the rear seats. Your Piper will be the most efficient and valuable tool. The Piper PA-46 Malibu and Matrix are a family of American light aircraft manufactured by Piper Aircraft of Vero Beach, Florida.The aircraft is powered by a single engine and has the capacity for one pilot and five passengers. Piper’s M350 is a direct descendent of the original Malibu of the early 1980s. Garmin G1000 / GFC 700 Suite w/ Synthetic Vision. 25,000 ft operating altitude and Flight Into Known Icing (FIKI) approved. One you build, the other you buy. Advertisement Piper 1958 PA-22 Tri-Pacer Engine make/model: Lyc. Yes, it has a slightly higher useful load, a slightly greater range, and it is about $70,000 cheaper than a Mirage. Flight stream Piper Owner Society Dollars spent on a Piper Matrix add up to an airplane with capabilities costing much more when considering competing airplanes. The Evolution is designed atop three-and-a-half decades of Lancair’s homebuilding experience. Cutter Aircraft Sales This 2008 Piper Matrix has been Texas based since new and is in great condition. : 2000 Propeller: Fixed Landing gear type: Tri/Fixed Gross weight (lbs. Piper Aircraft has a business class aircraft for you. fuel (lbs. fuel) – 701 lbs. Engine: Piston engine: Manufacturer: Lycoming TIO – 540-AE2A: Performance: 350 shp: Speed (max): 213 Kts / 395 km/h: Range (IFR): 1.343 NM / 2.487 km (max cruise) SPECIFICATIONS - Piper Matrix: Piper PA-46R-350T: Max Cruising Speed: 213 ktas (395 km/h) Range with 45 Minute Reserve: 1,343 nm (2,491 km) Standard Useful Load: 1,389 lbs (630 kg) Number of Seats: Six (6) Maximum Approved Altitude: 25,000 ft (7,620 m) Engine: Lycoming Dual Turbocharged TIO-540-AE2A, 350 hp. Early Malibus were all piston-engined, but a turboprop version, introduced as the Malibu Meridian but now called the M500, is also available. Standard Useful Load: 1,389 lbs Fuel Capacity Usable: 120 gal Cruising Speed Maximum Cruise Power: 213 ktas Range with 45 Minute Reserve 1,343 nm The Matrix is an unpressurized version of the Mirage. Useful load, std. Structural Cruising Speed : 173 KIAS : 168 KIAS : Stall Speed Clean : 69 Knots : 69 Knots : Stall Speed Landing Configuration Their useful load is approximately the same. If you re in the market for a used Piper PA-46, the good news is there are plenty of them for the taking, plus the oldest ones can be found for around $200,000. See more ideas about piper aircraft, aircraft, airplane for sale. 200 lbs. New Mexico & Hawaii Texas Piper Sales, Piper Aircraft Inc. Avidyne glass panel, Dual garmin 430W. ): 2000 Empty … Read More "Piper 1958 PA-22 Tri-Pacer" Moreover, a Malibu, Mirage or Matrix can wear a lot of hats. 2056 Palomar Airport Rd • Payload (w/full std. The trick is to stop looking at the closed door long enough to see which door is ajar. The original Matrix we flew in 2008 had an empty weight of 3071 pounds against 3121 for the 2012 model, which was equipped with air conditioning. While many pilots prefer the flexibility and customization of a homebuilt, others prefer the… Max gross weight is 4358 pounds for a useful load of 1236 pounds. The world of flying 4-place airplanes is a thing of the past with the Piper Matrix. Step into the affordable single-engine solution you’ve been looking for at a price competitors can’t touch. ): 1421: Usable fuel (gals./lbs. • Usable Fuel – 120 gals./720 lbs. This translates into a pilot having the ability to load the Malibu with 1/2 fuel, leaving the additional payload for people and stuff. / 593 kg. 2008 piper malibu matrix | no worries–engine under aepc warranty plan—see us for details–best buy on the market—don’t buy without talking to us about this one! Carlsbad, CA 92011 Both are fast. Maintenance Sales Manager It is simply not a stepping stone. Once in the air, the 350 HP dual turbocharged engine continues to step up the game by producing high performance numbers sure to satisfy any pilot’s mission. (lbs. O-320-B Horsepower: 160 TBO hrs. Carlsbad, CA 92011, Alex KuzmanovicRegional Sales Manager ft.): 24.8: Power loading (lbs./hp. Pre-Owned Aircraft, Cutter Aviation Dec 10, 2020 - Explore Primary Flight Control's board "Piper Aircraft", followed by 1714 people on Pinterest. [Email] [Info], Will W. Cutter Inventory 760-579-0822. With a standard useful load of 1,355 pounds and seating for six, the Matrix lets you take what you want, while traveling with those you want. Passenger and baggage amounts can greatly effect the performance of an aircraft since minimum runway lengths, range and speed are all effected by its weight.Typical passenger configuration is the typical number of passengers the jet is configured to accommodate 5 passengers, however each jet will have a custom configuration to accommodate an owners specific needs and will therefore vary. However, if you can afford $1.05m, then the cost savings for a Matrix is a drop in the bucket. Cutter Aviation on LinkedIn, Cutter Piper Sales They were the Arrow and the Lance (later the Saratoga) and while both were useful airplanes, they lacked the performance of the Bonanza. - Aircraft data that you believe is inaccurate or have specific experiences. - Aircraft specific reviews and articles. 10/30/19 - Piper Announces New M600 SLS. • Wingspan – 43’ • Overall Length – 28’ 11” • Height – 11’ 4” • Wing Area – 175 ft² • Wing Loading – 24.8 lbs./ft² • Power Loading – 12.4 lbs/hp • Seating Capacity – 6 Max. - Send us pictures of your plane. McClellan-Palomar Airport (CRQ) I know for a fact there is also a Matrix(Unpressurized) on a 135 in Michigan. Matrix owners are the kind of people who depend on their airplane to help their business succeed during the week, then load it up with friends and gear to head off to the mountains to enjoy what success The Piper Matrix With a standard useful load of 1,355 pounds and seating for six, the Matrix lets you take what you want, while traveling with those you want. The door that opened, meanwhile, was a new version of the Meridian turboprop, which Piper would end up naming the M600. Currently Piper builds a few Arrows on special order for training institutions. Home » Cutter Piper Sales » The Piper Aircraft Family » Piper Matrix – Cutter Piper Sales, 7/9/20 - Cutter Aviation announces the opening of its new world-class facility in San Antonio Texas, 5/18/20 - First Garmin Autoland Equipped Aircraft to Receive Type Certification, 1/29/20 - Cutter Aviation Appoints Peter Hokanson as Chief Financial Officer. If you’re tired of flying in the confines of a 4-place airplane, the 6-place piston single Piper Matrix will expand your horizons. Cutter Piper on Facebook More important, for the target audience—those wanting a step up to a larger cabin and more payload, the Matrix offers a useful load of about 1,421 pounds as compared to a typical useful load of less than 1,100 pounds for a well-equipped Cirrus SR22, … SPECIFICATIONS - Piper Mirage: Piper PA-46-350P: Max Cruising Speed: 213 ktas (395 km/h) Range with 45 Minute Reserve: 1,343 nm (2,491 km) Standard Useful Load: 1,212 lbs (549 kg) Number of Seats: Six (6) Maximum Approved Altitude: 25,000 ft (7,620 m) Engine: Lycoming Dual Turbocharged TIO-540-AE2A, 350 hp. • Std. After that, Piper shifted to Vero Beach and developed the retractable versions of the PA-28 and PA-32. With a cabin that is the largest in its class and price tag that isn’t, cabin class comfort and capability is now within reach. Piper Archer LX Plus, removing all of the pressurization hardware from the airframe bumps the useful load up to 1421 pounds, while fuel capacity remains the same. The Piper Malibu was designed to be comfortable, fast, and be able to carry some baggage. Interested in learning more, or inquiring about a demo flight? Height: 11 ft. 4 in. As you specify and equip your Piper Matrix using the data shown below, you’ll begin to appreciate how you are stepping up in performance without stepping outside your comfort zone. 1,510 lbs. ): 120/720: Payload, full std. If you can handle a Matrix, you can handle a Mirage. 2008 piper malibu matrix – n958mm. It's a great 1 pilot, 1-2 pax, no bags, full range airplane. Dimensions • Wing Span: 43.0 ft. / 13.1 m • Length: 28.9 ft. / 8.8 m • Height: 11.3 ft. / 3.4 m Range (with 45 minute reserve) – 1,343 nm / 2,487 km Max. waas equipped, always hangared, piper service center maintained, one owner, michigan based, and no damage history! This low time, pristine G1000 Piper Matrix is highly optioned and has been Piper Service Center maintained since new. Piper Aircraft Pilot Shop Want the freedom to succeed? The Piper Matrix is as comfortable on a remote grass strip as a major metropolitan airport, just like the men and women who own and fly one. Standard Useful Load: T 1,308 lb | 593 kg SPECIFICATIONS AND PERFORMANCE Max Range 1,343nm 2,487 km Takeoff Distance Distance (Over 50’ Obstacle) 2,090 ft 637 m Landing (Over 50’ Obstacle) 1,968 ft 600 m Max Approved Altitude 25,000 ft 7,620m Max Cruise Speed 213 ktas 395 km/hr Max Cabin Differential 5.5 psi C O M P L I A N A S I C M D Approved Altitude – 25,000 ft. / 7.620 m Max. Useful Load Utility Category : N/A : N/A : Baggage Capacity : 200 lbs. 2056 Palomar Airport Road They climb like a homesick angel, but the engine is expensive to overhaul, running $60,000 to $70,000 for a quality rebuild. Cabin Differential – 5.6 PSID Takeoff Distance (ground roll) – … We have 2 G1000 Meridians in stock, having 516/526 full fuel useful. Please send us your experiences on your aircraft. All Service Bulletins complied with, fresh prop overhaul, always hangared, NDH. The Matrix is essentially a Mirage without the complex pressurization system that might increase workload to newer pilots. Piper M350 Piper Financial Services, MMOPA Useful Load – 1421 lbs. TIO-540-AE2A, 350 hp, Cutter Piper Sales As pilots know, these numbers, while not being the same are the same in real life situations. 260 ktas, maximum cruise speed 1,000 nm, maximum range 1,698 lbs, standard useful load This single engine turboprop, with the latest in Garmin safety technology, remains a study in priorities. FIKI, Situational Awareness, Speedbrakes, Chartview, ADSB in & out. With an attractive airstair door entrance and the largest cabin volume in its class, the Matrix projects sophistication. Analyze the job then pick the airplane. Convenience comes standard in the Matrix. First GA Aircraft to be Standard Equipped with HALO™ Safety System and Autoland Capability. Sales Coordinator Oil Capacity : 8 quarts : 12 quarts Performance Do Not Exceed Speed : 201 KIAS : 198 KIAS : Max. So that's 170gal, about 3hrs flight with reserve. ): 49.5: Cabin height (in. cirrus and cessna owners—step up to cabin class comfort and 200 knots! As the pilot, you’ll experience the privacy and comfort of a cabin-class airplane and the Matrix’s unpressurized simplicity, while your passengers enjoy the luxurious space of the cabin-class Matrix. So, a Malibu pilot can load up 5 people, a bunch of bags (in both the front and back baggage areas), and go WAY farther than a comparably loaded P210. Max. Both are pressurized. Contact Us, Piper M600SLS And, you gain an extra 360 pounds useful load at half tanks. If you and your passengers have been limited to flying 4-place airplanes, the Piper Matrix will impress everyone. Wing area (sq. Internal baggage capac… Call today for more information: John DeLawyer 210 … With an aft airstair door entrance, a central aisle in the cabin, a work station with individual reading lights, a power supply for a laptop and both internal and external baggage storage, your flying takes on a different level of sophistication and comfort. Aircraft Line With the largest cabin in its class, not only is the Piper Matrix a more comfortable way to travel, it also offers no compromises concerning performance and capability. Lycoming Dual Turbocharged It seats six and is a cabin-class single-engine piston aircraft. For Piper, the closed door was the abortive Altaire single-engine jet, an airplane many likened to a mini DC-10 with its Williams turbofan engine integrated weirdly into the tail. 2008 Piper Malibu Matrix PA-46R-350T, 6 seat, always hangared, no damage history, 1200 TTSN, TOH Jan 2019, Annual done 4/2020. Ownership ): 12.4: Seating capacity: 6: Cabin doors: 1: Cabin width (in. News & Events That’s not too shabby. Useful Load Normal Category : 1,455 lbs. Piper made 147 of the 400s—all in the 1964 model year—and they are still prized as a niche aircraft. ft.): 175: Wing loading (lbs./sq. New business aircraft purchasers can enjoy significant tax benefits. It's a better short range, load … A flight demo of the Matrix showcasing its enhanced safety features and performance capabilities. Both have a long lineage. They say that when one door closes, another opens.